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Meet Sofiya - Rising Phoenix

Sofiya has been professionally practicing in the healing arts for over 30 years. She embarked on a journey to the Amazon 3 years ago, where she met several guides and shamans along the way. They taught her the ways of the plant medicines - Ayahuasca, Kambo, Sacred Tobacco, Cacao, and Sananga to name a few.  A deep immersion and year long course with Taita Alejandro and the Sacha Wasi Tribe in the Ecuadorian Amazon Basin provided a certification in the Cosmovision and medicine work from the Cultural Center of Ecuador. In addition to plant medicines, Sofiya is a gifted Shiatsu Practitioner, Certified Aromatherapist, Reiki Master/Teacher, Sound Healer, Ceremonial Leader, and Yoga Instructor. She currently resides and practices in New Orleans & Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

She has been a licensed and practicing therapist since 1991 and one of the first 400 licensed practitioners in Louisiana! Having studied numerous modalities, she takes what works effectively and then eclectically blends styles and techniques to provide a unique and custom therapy session for your needs. Offering therapeutic and intuitive massage, as she gets to know you and your body through open and honest communication, listening to your objectives, she will work intuitively to address the underlying issues to release blockage, relieve pain, and induce relaxation. Her lifes work will support your journey!

​A session with Sofiya may include massage, aromatherapy, breath work, acupressure, manual manipulation of the tissues, energetic work, guided meditation, mudras, sound therapy, assisted stretching, and yoga asana suggestions for your continued care post-session.


Relax, unwind, and let yourself go…

Clear your mind, inhale slowly & deeply through your nose. Exhale slowly & deeply through your mouth, pushing out any tension or tightness as you release your breath. Keep your breath slow, controlled, and mindful. Find gratitude. Be compassionate with yourself and others.

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